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Midshires and Blue Point Siamese Cat show 2013
ImGrMC Cardhu.
Cardhu had a great day today she got her two Imperial Certificates achieving her Imperial Status and also won overall Best Household Pet in the Blue Point Siamese show.

My thanks goes to all the judges and stewards for all their hard work, lovely comments, giving my girls their awards and of course for picking Cardhu as Best Overall Household Pet. And of course Cardhu took it all in her stride as if this is something she does every day.
Midshires and Blue Point Siamese Cat show
Ch and GrPr Carbeile Lady Morgana.
Another good day for Morgana and another Imperial Certificate. Just one more to go and she will be my first Carbeile Imperial.
OCA and SCA June 2013
GMC Cardhu
Cardhu again posed for the judges and purred and padded for all to see. She achieved two Imperial certificates and is doing really well just two more to go.
OCA and SCA cat show June 2013
Ch and GrPr Carbeile Lady Morgana
Achieved another Imperial certificate and as usual she enjoyed the day shouting and talking to all who saw her.
Somerset and Cambria June 2013
Ch and GrPr Carbeile Lady Morgana.

Morgana did really well today achieving her first two Imperial awards. She was her usual full of beans self, enjoying the day and fulfilling her nosey nature.

It was a busy day for me as I was stewarding for Jenny Jones and thoroughly enjoyed myself but boy did my feet hurt at the end of the day.
Cambria and Somerset Cat Club show 1st June 2013

This was Morganas attempt at the Imperial awards and today she did really well achieving Imperial certificates in both shows.

It was also a really busy day as I was stewarding for Jenny Jones but I thoroughly enjoyed myself but boy did my feet hurt and the end of the day.
Bristol and District Cat Show 11th May 2013
Morgana has now been made up to Grand Premier getting her final certificate today. Many thanks goes to Brenda Pearce her judge for awarding this.
Bristol & District Cat Show 11th May 2013
CARBEILE PRINCESS MITHIAN - This was Mithians first show and although a little shell shocked to begin with she settled well and began to enjoy the day.

She achieved 1st and BoB and recieved some very lovely comments from some of the judges.
The Asian Cat Association Show 20th April 2013
This was the first time I had ever been to this show as I don't have Asian cats but this year I decided to take both Cardhu and Buster along entering them into the Household pet section. It was very much a last minute decision and boy am I glad I did. This show was very local to me and I found the people there to be very friendly and chatty bunch. There were lots of goodies and the show seemed to run very smoothly. Both Lynne and Paula came along and were also impressed. I have to thank everyone involved with this show as it was an absolute pleasure to be there and to top it off we had a good day.
The Asian Cat Association Show
Cardhu was having a good day having achieved
Imp award
Best of Group
Best of Variety - Best Pedigree Pet.

And of course Cardhu was just loving every minute of it. I am so proud of her she does seem to take everything so easily in her stride.
The Asian Cat Show
Cardhu having won Best Pedigree Pet, much to our amazement also won


We could not believe it. This is the first time ever that we have been in the top pens and it was just sooo right as Cardhu along with Oban were my first ever Pedigrees.
The Asian Cat Association Show 20th April 2013
This was Buster's second show ever and he was very relaxed and laid back. There was a lot of competition in the short hair section and a lovely comment was written on his results slip saying that this was a very difficult class to judge. Although in his group class Buster didn't get first in his misc classes he did really well getting seconds in classes with 7 and 5 in and also got a 1st.
The Wessex and the Herts and Middlesex 2nd March 2013
Today was the day for the girls and I took both Morgana and Cardhu along both hoping to get their Grand Certificates. Wishful thinking may be but as it turned out both Morgana and Cardhu came away with two Grand certificates each. This mean't that Cardhu is now a GMC and Morgana has one more to get.
Southern Counties and Colourpoint Cat Show 26th Jan 13
Guinevere achieved her 3rd CC today to which I was really very suprised but also very pleased as she is now made up to Champion.

She also did well in her side classes with the Southern Counties show getting a first and two seconds against some very strong competition. I was going to retire her from showing as I had previously had a not so nice experience, comment at a previous show. Well after this show I may well think about giving the Grand a go but not just yet.

Hadriel got her 2nd CC today so only has one more to go to make her up to Champion.

She also did well in her side classes getting a first and two seconds in the Colourpoint Show.
The West Country Cat Show January 2013.
Well first show of the year and it was wet and very cold. I took CARDHU and HADRIEL and my Mum took MERLIN.

CARDHU got her first Grand Master Certificate, she looked fab and as per normal enjoyed her day.

HADRIEL has got her first Challenge certificate towards her Champion title and suprisingly was very relaxed and chatted with the judge and most people that went by.

MERLIN got two 2nds and a 3rd in the show today and although a little timid he did show himself well when the judge was looking at him but giving the steward a cuddle was just never going to happen !!!!
The National Cat Club Show December 2012
BARBECCO CHIEF CHIRPA as per normal did me proud. Going for his Imperial title he got the reserve and also best of Breed.

Here is Chirpa showing off his lovely awards.
The National Cat Club show December 2012
Lancelot went for his first Grand today and although not quite there yet, too much sun bathing in the summer, the judge gave him first and a lovely write up and fingers crossed better luck next time.

Gr Pr - 1st and Best of Breed
The National Cat Club Show December 2012.
Guinevere sat nicely in her pen having done a hard day laying around looking good.

Guinevere got
Breed Class 1st, CC awarded.
Best of Breed
The Cambria Cat Show 13th October 2012
Cardhu and Morgana both had a really good day at the show today and Morgana has now achieved her Premier Title and Cardhu has achieved her Master Cat Title.

I am so proud of both of them and do hope to show them again in the near future.
South Western Counties Cat show 22nd Sept 2012
This is Morganas second show as a neuter and is her usual full of it tortie self at the shows. I was really pleased to get some lovely feed back from her Judge Mrs J Jones and am most grateful for this.

I would also like to thank Frank and Marian Dawe of Barbecco Siamese and Orientals for providing the photos of both Morgana and Cardhu from the show.
South Western Counties Cat show 22nd Sept 2012
Cardhus second show and she is still enjoying her time.

CARDHU - 1st MC cert.

One more certificate and Cardhu my beautiful Birman girl who started me on the breeding road will have achieved her first title as Master Class Cat. Lets hope she does well at her next show.
Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club 9th Sept 2012
This was Cardhus first show and she took to it like water. Considering she is 8 years old and has never gone to a show before I was amazed. She enjoyed all the attention and was padding and chirping at anyone who spoke to her.

CARDHU - 1st MC cert and Best in Class.
Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club
Despite Buster being very scared on his first show out he settled and realised that everyone at the show was very caring and gentle towards him. By the end of the show he was very relaxed and enjoying the day. I am very grateful to all the judges and stewards for helping him settle.

BUSTER achieved 1st & MC cert and Best in Class.
West of England & South Wales Cat Show 25th Aug 2012
Had an excellent day and as usual was the perfect show man getting an all red card day.

IMPERIAL Class - 1st and Imp cert awarded
West of England & South Wales Cat Show 25th Aug 2012
Morgana had a good day at the show as a neuter getting a red card day and was quite happy to shout about it all day long !!!

BREED CLASS - 1st and PC
Bristol and District 5th May 2012

Chirpa had a great day today having an all red card day. He also got his first Imperial Certificate. He may not be the biggest boy but the judge must have thought he had some style. Chirpa Agrees.

MISC CLASSES - all 1sts.
ANGEL had a great day at the show today as she is now made up to a PREMIER and has managed to achieve this is 3 straight shows.

MISC - 1st
Shropshire Cat Show, Feb 2012
LADY MORGANA - Did well at this show and got Grand Reserve and Best of Breed.

Unfortunately the snow won over all as the show had to close early to ensure we were not snowed in. Despite this I had a really lovely day at this show and hope to go again next year.
GR PR BARBECCO CHIEF CHIRPA - Achieved his Grand Premier Title today and is showing off his special rosette that I got him in his photo.

Thankyou to Marian and Frank Dawe of Barbecco Siamese and Orientals for letting me have such a special boy.
This is a fabulous show and always very friendly. I was lucky enough to be invited to judge the Household pet classes which was an absolute joy. I have to thank my friend Lynne Webster for coming along and stewarding and generally helping out. I also entered Analisa in the hope that we can start getting her Challenge Certificates to get her made up to Champion. This has been her first show since January of this year so I hoped that she would cope well and of couse she did.

1st & CC in her breed class.
1st in all her side classes.

I was so pleased as this is the first time that Analisa has had an all red card day.

Thankyou to everyone involved with the show for making it such a FAB day.
What a fab day for CARBEILE CATS. It felt a bit like a family day out as their were all of Piper Hollys kittens from last year. Morgana, Lancelot and Merlin, all three gained their certificates in their respective classes although both myself with Morgana and Mel with Lancelot were not expecting this.

1st & GC in her Grand class.
1st in all her side classes.

1st & MC in his open class.
1st & 3rd in his side classes.

1st & PC in his breed class.
1st & two 2nds in his side classes.

Thankyou and well done to my Mum and Mel for bringing along Merlin and Lancelot.

Thankyou to all the judges, show manager and all those that contribute to making this show a great event.

Photo curtesy of Frank Dawe and the Oriental Breeders website,
West of England & South Wales Cat Show 27.8.11
Well done to Morgana as she has now been made up tp Champion and also won Best Oriental Adult at the show.

Breed Class - 1st, BOB and CC
Misc classes - All three 1st place.

An all red card day for Morgana. This is a credit to her mum Carbeile Piper Holly and dad Barbecco Obi Wan owned by Frank and Marian Dawe. We are all very proud of her.

Thankyou to the judges for such lovely comments and judging her as best of breed and best Oriental Adult.
Wiltshire & District Cat Show. 2nd July 2011
Breed Class 1st & BoB plus her second challenge certificate.
Misc - Morgana got 2 firsts, 1 second and 1 third place.

Overall it was a lovely day and Morgana enjoyed all the 1 on 1 fuss and attention.
Best Oriental Neuter
Grand Class - 1st and Grand Certificate.
Miscellenous Classes Two 1sts and one 2nd.
This is the first time that Chirpa has won best Oriental Neuter in the show so I am well pleased with this result.
This is Chirpas 2nd grand certificate so only needs one more to make him up to a Grand Premier.

BREED CLASS - 1st and Best of Breed and awarded her first challenge certificate.
Miscellaneous Classes 1st in all 3 classes.
Morgana did really well for her 2nd show and is now getting into the swing of things.

Breed Class - 1st and Best of Breed and awarded his first premier certificate.
Miscellaneous classes 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Well done to Lancelot for his first show at only 10 months old he did well up against the older cats and seemed to enjoy all the fuss. Congatulations to Mel who owns him on her first time showing.

Entered into the Pedigree Pet classes
Breed (SH Self) - 2nd
Miscellaneous classes - Two 1sts and a 3rd.
Well done to Merlin, I do think these classes are quite tough as classes can be quite big and the judge made a note on the results slip that it was really difficult to choose between the winner and Merlin.
The Bristol & District Cat Show 7th May 2011
Chirpa, Angel and Hadriel all went to this show. It was the first show for Angel and Hadriel, they were both very laid back and coped very well first their first show. Chirpa is now an old hand at the shows and always enjoys every minute showing off to the audience.

Unfortunately I had wrong coloured Hadriel as she is an Apricot Tabby Point not a Red Tabby point (I do struggle with the red, apricots and creams) so she didn't get judged today, but I must say that I am very chuffed that she is an Apricot Tabby.

Grand Winner in his grand class.
1st and Best of Breed in his open.
Two 1st in his miscellaneous.

Chirpa had an all Red card day.

1st and Best of Breed in her open class
1st and two 2nds in her miscellaneous classes.

Also congratulations goes to Ann and Scott Parry with CARBEILE OH SO GRACEFULL (Hermiones daughter) who also got an All Red Card day achieving
1st and CC in her Open class
and 1sts in all her miscellaneous classes.

Hopefully she will soon achieve her Champion title like her mother.

Also congatulations to Kelly Cruz on CARBEILE TOBERMORY who achieved -
1st in his open class.

I am really proud that the Carbeile Clan all did well today and have to thank all the judges, stewards and show staff for all the time and effort they put in to these shows to make it a good and enjoyable day for the cats, exhibitors and visitors.
Wessex Cat Club Show 5th March 2011
What a great day. This was Morganas maiden show a what a little star she was. Chatting and yelling at anyone who went by and generally being very confident and out spoken as she normally is at home.

Morgana got 2nd placings across both her Open and Miscellaneous classes and we were very happy with this as her competition were all fantastic cats.

I am especially grateful to Brenda Pearce who took time out of her busy judging schedule to come and thank us all for bringing along such lovely tortie oriental kittens. I was also very grateful for all the feed back she gave and for a relative novice such as myself this is always very gratefully recieved.
THE NATIONAL CAT SHOW - 11th December 2010
Due to having kittens due I was unable to attend this show with Chirpa but thanks to my friend Lynne who took him with her. Lynne reported back that Chirpa was his usual laid back self and once again enjoyed every minute of the show. This is often reflected in his lovely judge critiques as they often comment on him being friendly and chatty. I am pleased to say that Chirpa gained his 3rd Premier Certificate and has now become a Premier. We are hoping to have a go at the Grand class at the next show. Fingers crossed.
Chirpa loved his evening at the guest house and loved staring out the window and investigating all that was in the room. On the day of the show Chirpa settled onto his chez-long only getting up to shout at me and tell me what was happening when I returned from visiting Analisa. Chirpa got 1st in his class and gained his second Premier Certificate.
Having had a relaxing evening in the guest house Analisa settled into the show but preferred to sit behind her chair in the pen rather than in it. She was up against some lovely kittens and achieved 2nd place in her class.
THE SUPREME 20th November 2010.
What a fabulous time was had by all. I went up with some friends and of course with my cats Chirpa and Analisa on the Friday before the show on the Saturday. We stayed in a lovely guest house not far from the show and this made the whole weekend far more enjoyable. Both Chirpa and Analisa enjoyed there accomodation and appeared to enjoy the show.
Congratulations to CARBEILE TALLULAH BELL for becoming the first Carbeile to gain a title.

Tallulah got her 3rd Premier Certificate and has now become a Priemier. Well done to Zara who owns her for taking the time to prepare and show her.
West of England & South Wales Cat Show 28th Aug 10
BARBECCO CHIEF CHIRPA - This was Chirpas first Adult show, he did well and gained his 1st Premier Certificate. He also got 2 firsts and a third in his side classes.

MUSCAR ANALISADREAM - This was Analisas first show and boy was there alot of kittens in all her classes. But I am pleased to say that she achieved 2nd in her open class and got a 2nd & 3rd in her side classes which considering the smallest class had 7 in we were very happy.

Chirpa wins 1st and BoB on the 3rd consecutive show.

We will now be having a little break from showing but will be back once Chirpa becomes an adult.
BARBECCO CHIEF CHIRPA - Did us all proud again. His breeder Marian and Frank were there to see how their little boy was now growing into a handsome young lad. He was also charming the judges and I have to thank Jackie Reed for her lovely comment written on her judging slip about Chirpa saying that he was a LOVELY BOY. I was very touched and felt very proud.
My little CHIEF CHIRPA did me proud again as he gained another 1st and BoB in his open class. He also did very well in his side classes.
Today was BARBECCO CHIEF CHIRPA'S coming out show. He travelled well up to the show but initially when going in and going through the vetting in he was a little anxious and shaking. It didn't take Chirpa long to relax and get into the swing of things. He enjoyed all the attention and lapped it up.

Chirpa did very well in all his classes achieving -

1st and BOB in his open class
and four 1st's and one 2nd in his miscellaneous classes
For Chirpa's first show he did very well and took it all in his stride once he got the hang of things.

After an exhausting day showing off and winning over the judges Chirpa decided to take it easy at the show and chill out.

This was Paige's first Adult show. As she is barely just over 9 months I really wasn't sure if we would get anything. Also at the show was Lynne with Star our little foster girl and again it was her first Adult class. Lynne and I waited with great anxiety for the results, there was alot coming out that were being witheld so our anxiety grew. Eventually both our results arrived at the same time and we could not believe it. We both got 1st and best of breed and awarded our first challenge certificates towards our championship status. I think if the judges had been in the results room we would have kissed them so I suppose it was lucky they were off still judging.

Paige Cherry's results -
Open Class 1st and BOB and CC awarded.
Misc Classes one 1st and two 2nds.

I would like to thank our OPEN CLASS judge for both Paige and Chirpa, Mary Kalal and all the other judges and stewards for making the day so special for us.
WESSEX CAT SHOW 6th March 2010
Well done to HERMIONE as she won her open class and has now achieved the title of CHAMPION. I am sooooo pleased as she is the first Champion in my feline family and also the first champion for her breeder. I do think Hermione knew this as she was showing off at the show and rubbing herself against her 1st certificate every time someone looked at her. Hermione is now free to have a break from the shows and go off and have kittens. But do watch this space as Hermione's daughters Grace, a Caramel Tortie (owned by Ann and Scott) and Paige Cherry will be hitting the show bench soon to hopefully follow in both Mum and Dads footsteps.
West Country Cat Club Show 16th jan 2010.
I do always enjoy this show and have to say that this year was especially good as I had three Carbeile Kittens being shown and I also spent the day stewarding which I always thoroughly enjoy.

CARBEILE OH SO GRACEFULL - 1ST & BOB (caramel tortie point Siamese)
I am really pleased to Congratulate Ann and Scott Parry on taking Grace, one of Hermione's babies from last year, whom won 1st in her Open Class and BOB. This was the first time Ann and Scott had shown so I do hope they enjoyed themselves. I also have to say a special thankyou to Jenny who helped enable Ann and Scott to show Grace.

ADSETAM ONEFORSO - HERMIONE also got 1st & BOB and her 2nd CC so we are trying our very best to get her third to make her up to Champion.

(Blue point Birman)
Well done to Zara and Shaun, this is the second time that they have shown Tallulah and seem to be really getting into the swing of this showing malarky, considering they are very new to showing. So well done for giving it ago.

As For CARBEILE PAIGE CHERRY - 2nd in Open Class - she decided that she wasn't playing today and choose to ignore everyone.

Well we can't have everything, but I am really pleased to see that some of my kittens are getting onto the show bench and most importantly seem to be enjoying themselves.

The National Cat Show 28th Nov 09 - Hermione
Hermione had a really good day today. She won her open class and got best of breed, but is was very close. She also got 2 other 1st and a 3rd in the Misc classes. So all in all she did very well. We will be doing a more shows over the winter in the hope that we can work towards her champion status.
The National Cat Show 28th November 2009
Paige is still happy to grace the show bench and on this occassion had some absolutely Fab kittens to compete with. She did get a 2nd in the open and a 1st and 3rd in the misc classes. As she is still a baby she has plenty of time to grow and blossom.
This was Paige's first show and I was a little worried as she isn't the most out going of kittens but it turned out I needn't have worried as she took it all in her stride and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Paige got first in her open class but didn't do so well in the Miscellaneous classes. The competition was very tough and there were alot of fabulous kittens there. Also with Paige still being very young she needs time to blossom, as I am sure she will. I was very proud of her and will be showing her again in the near future.
Somerset Cat Club Show 6th June 09
My Mum joined with us today (pictured with Boji) and also a friend of mine with her mum. We had a great day with all the cats and there owners, fussing over Boji and of course shopping.

Boji had a good day and enjoyed all the fuss but unfortunately his premier certificate was withheld so although he was given first in his open class no certificate this time. Although withheld certificates for many exhibitors seemed to be the order of the day. I look forward to reading the judges report.
Bristol & District Cat Show 18/4/09
Boji had a blue day today as he got 2nd in his Open class and 2nd in two other classes.

But we were not blue as it was a lovely day and his competitor whom came first was a lovely Barbecco Red Tabby point, which is good news as Hermione's kittens will be half Barbecco's so we hope to achieve the same good looks.

That is not to say that Boji isn't also a handsome chap. As far as I am concerned he is always the best looking, but I am of course bias !!!
The Wessex Cat Show 7/3/09
This was the first time that I had shown 4 cats and for Noly it was her first show just to see how she would do.
Hermione and Boji both did better than what I expected. They are half brother and sister, sharing the same dad, Alfacentory Herculis Hero, affectionately known as Leo by his owner Ms Kelly Grimmett of Destrier Cats.
All in all everything went well and we (including the cats) had a very enjoyable day. There were a few minor dramas but this just all adds to the fun of it.
We both look forward to the next show we do but probably not so many cats as it is now time for the girls to start thinking about going to see their new boyfriends!!!!
Boji Stone at The Wessex Cat show 7/3/09
After Boji Stone's last efforts at a cat show I was a little worried about how he would do as he turned into psycho puss as his last show (I think he hates the travelling).
We arrived very early for the show and gave Boji Stone plenty of time to settle prior to going into the show hall. This seemed to do the trick and he was far more settled.
Boji Stone went on to win his 1st open class and Best of Breed giving him his 1st premier certificate.
Boji Stone also achieved another 1st and a 3rd in the miscellaneous classess.
Hermione at The Wessex Cat show 7/3/09
Well, Hermione managed to cause a drama at the show as there was apparently some debate about her being pregnant (which she isn't) but luckily she wasn't disqualified for which we are grateful, as she went on to win her open class but the CC was witheld (hopefully will find out why when the report comes out).
Hermione also got a 2nd and two 3rds in the miscellaneous classes.
Piper-holly at the Wessex cat show 7/3/09
This was Piper-holly's second show and again she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Especially her new cat nip toy that took quite a beating in her pen.
Piper-holly got 1st in her open class but as with the West of England show she was up against the same beautiful chocolate boy who took best of breed.
Piper-holly also got a 3rd in the AC Siamese Balinese kitten (6-9 months)
Noly at The Wessex Cat show 7/3/09
Noly took her first show in her stride and seemed to enjoy the whole process. She didn't achieve top results but I think this may have something to do with her passion for food and having a tummy twice the size of her little head. It was good experience for her and hopefully as she gets older her body will start to grow more in-proportion.
Noly got 2nd in her open class, the first position was witheld as she was the only entry (bless)
She also got a first in the non-breeders miscellaneous class.
PIPER-HOLLY West Country Cat Club 17/1/09
This is Piper's first time in the show ring and we found that there was alot of competition in the kitten class. She seemed to enjoy herself and was contented to either sleep or role around showing off when people were looking at her.
Open Class 1st place. BOB went to a lovely little boy who was in the next cage, I think Piper was perhaps showing off for his benefit !!!!

Piper didn't do so well in the Miscellaneous classes with the best result as a forth. But I have to admit that the competition was very tough with some very lovely looking kittens, but as Piper's human mummy I will always be biased.

I plan to show Piper again and hope that we can do a little better in the Miscellaneous classes.
HERMIONE West Country Cat Club Show 17/1/09
This is also the first time Hermione (Adsetam Oneforso) has entered into a show. And for a first timer she did well and appeared to be quite relaxed.
Open class 3rd place, this was a big class so did well to come third.

Misc class AC Siamese/Balinese Tabby, Tortie or Tortie Tabby.
1st place - again another big class so was really pleased with this.

Misc class AV Debutante Adult - 2nd place.

We are looking to show again so hopefully Hermione will get a few more rosettes to add to her collection.
TAMNAVULIN Southern & South Western Birman Cat Show. Sept
This is the first time that Tamnavulin has been to a show and although she is a good breed quality girl she has a few faults that would mean she wouldn't do well against the big boys and girls so we decided to enter into the pet quality classes. She won first for best female and overall best pet Birman. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole event and we also had a bonus that one of the top judges had a look at her and gave some very good feed back on her quality and type for which we are really grateful. The club and show is really friendly and welcomes anyone with pet quality Birmans giving them the opportunity to try out the show world. This is a good day and alot of fun for everyone, even the cats seem to enjoy themselves. They also have classes for non pedigrees, so if you have a cat that likes to show off you can always enter them into the show.
OBAN. The Southern & South Western Birman 2nd Sanction Sho
This is now the third year on the trott that Oban has entered this show as Exhibition pet quality Birman. Oban always does very well in the pet quality classes and currently he has achieved the most rosettes out of all of my cats. This year he won best pet Birman male, second in best presentation and third for best personality. He loves doing this show as it is a small but very friendly environment, so if you have a pet quality Birman why not give it a go.
OBAN. Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club Sh
Oban was shown at the Southern and South Western Birman Cat club 2006 and 2007. This is held in Swindon usually in September. Oban enters into the pet quality classes as he cannot compete with the big boys as he has a white run on one of his legs.

In 2006 which was the third exemption show Oban got 1st in his open class pet quality. 1st for best blue eyes Any pet quality Birman. 1st for AC pet quality Birman and 2nd for AC visitor pet quality Birman. He was also awarded judges favourite at this show. In 2007 the show was now a 1st sanction show and went as an Exhibit of Pet Birmans and he won 1st for best presentation.
PHOEBE. The Somerset Cat club Show June 3rd 2006
Phoebe achieved 2nd in open class. 1st in Misc any colour Siamese/Balinese tabby, tortie or tortie tabby point. 2nd in AV Debutante adult and 3rd in the Club class AC Siamese or Balinese adult.
April 2015.
Oban wins Best Overall Household Pet and gets made up to Grand Master Cat at the Southern and South Western Birman Cat Club.
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