Carbeile Cats Website
Carbeile Cats Website
Carbeile Cats Website
Kittens In New Homes
Sophie 2008
Henry with his new feline friends 2011
Merlin looking smug 2011 (Pipers son)
I am so cute (Gemini Belle) 2006
Bethor, the cat who got the cream. 2011
If you must take a photo! Cardhus 2006
Sisters, sisters (Millie and Piper) 2008
Maximus in his new home-Phoebes 2007
George & Millie with their Mum. 2008
George & Millie in there new home 2008
Summer with her new house mates 2009
Shiva in his new home in Ireland 2009.
Star at home settled with her family 09
Star back home and doing well. 2009
George and Millie Lifes a beach.
Jasmine growing up- Nov 09
Carbeile Cats Website
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