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Siamese and Orientals are very outgoing and vocal cats. Like they are extreme in their looks, they are also extreme in their character. They are the noisiest, the most boisterous, the most temperamental, the most intelligent and the most demanding of cats. But above all, they are the most affectionate cats and to many owners the most beautiful cats to have graced this earth.
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The Siamese and Oriental is a long bodied cat of svelte lines supported on slim long legs. The coat is short. The head is composed of straight lines while the ears are larger than in many breeds. The tail is slim and long. They eyes are Oriental in shape and Siamese must be of a blue colour and Oriental green in colour.


Birmans are very gentle laid-back creatures, whom enjoy attention and company. They do not tolerate being left alone for long periods and can become very depressed without company. They enjoy being with other cats particularly other Birmans but will get along fine with other sociable breeds of cat. They also enjoy the company of children and playing games with them so long as they are not too loud or boisterous.

The Birman has Fine and silky, snarl and tangle resistant fur, with a long full ruff around the neck and slightly curly on the stomach. The Birman is stockily built with a medium long tail, in proportion to its body. The Birman should have a strong, broad, rounded skull with a slight flat spot just in front of the ears which should be medium in length and almost as wide at the base as they are tall. The ears should have a rounded tip and should be set as much to the side as onto the top of the head. The Birman should have a roman nose, medium in length and width. The muzzle is full and rounded and the chin is strong.

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