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Kitten Care Information.
I always hand out kitten care pack with all my kittens, so you will find more information in the pack when you collect your kitten. However here i included suggestions on what to buy for your new arrival.

Kitten Meat
I give all the cats chicken or fish as a treat. They do occassionally have what ever I might be having for tea but this needs watched as things like cheese are high in calories and can contribute to weight problems. Also to be aware that some foods we eat are toxic to cats.
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Kitten Munchies
The main food I feed my cats and kittens is Jameswelbeloved or grain free dry food. This ensures a well balanced diet.

Food Bowls
I would recommend that you have at least 4 bowls as this makes it more convenient for you by not having to clean bowls immediately to be able to have a clean bowl at each meal.

Water Bowl
I do not feed my cats milk once they have been weaned as cow’s milk can cause diarrhoea and milk is not a necessary part of their diet and just adds unnecessary calories and costs.

Cat Litter
I use a clumping style litter . I find that this helps reduce odours and they may cost more but tend to last alot longer as there isn't a need to clean the whole tray out daily just the clumps. Anyone buying a kitten and wishing to change litters may need to mix the current litter with the new litter to assist with the transition.

Cat Litter Tray
The recommendation is that you have one litter tray per 2 cats. Some cats prefer the covered ones but I find that the kittens have trouble using them. I use large top entry litter trays spread around the house.

Cat Bed
I have found that the igloo beds to be very popular amongst my cats and they are not too expensive, although my bed seems to be the most popular sleeping place.

Scratching Posts
Ideally a fairly sturdy upright style. This is essential to stop your kitten scratching the furniture and any cat with Siamese or Birman traits love to scratch. The bigger the better. Remember your kitten won’t be a kitten forever.

Grooming Equipment
Short hair, you can get chamois style grooming gloves which generally will be enough for any Siamese/Oriental cat. Medium length hair, a small cat brush that is easily available from any good pet store with long hair or Birmans read the information pack on grooming.

Cats and kittens love to play and if you only have one cat, it is even more important to have toys for them to play with and the opportunity to interact with you in a fun way. Things like toy mice and string on a stick to chase.

Cat Carrier
Ideally a sturdy top opening style for easy access. Remember that your cat will grow and depending on the breed may grow quite big especially if you have a male. You will need this when you collect your kitten.
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