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August 2014

All Kiitens have now gone or been booked April 2013
All the Birman kittens have now gone to their new homes and are reported to have settled in well.

The Havana boy went to his new home and the girls will be due to go soon.

I don't have any immediate plans for kittens but do keep an eye on either my website or my Carbeile Cats Face Book page for regular updates.
3rd January 2013 at 11pm.
Piper holly gave birth early hours of the morning to a beautiful litter of Havanas. Currently all babies doing well and feeding and definately full of energy and fight as they are seriously scrapping over nipples but do all eventually find one. Piper is doing well and looks very pleased with her new brood.
HADRIELS KITTENS 23rd November 2012
The little chocolate tortie has now gone to her new fab home in Cornwall. The other 3 are still looking for that special new Mum or Dad. I have had several enquiries but not all have been not been suitable. Hopefully the right people will come along soon.
Hadriels Kittens 16th October 2012
Hadriels kittens are now nine weeks old and charging around like a bunch of nutters. I plan for them to have their first lot of vaccines early next week and will also be advertising them for sale this week. They look like they all have show potential especially the little, or not so little boy. I am hoping that I can find him a good home with someone who might like to give showing a go. It is always nice to get new people showing off their cats as this always makes the shows far more enjoyable and brings new people into the cats world.
Hadriels Kittens at 2 weeks.
All kittens are doing really well and starting to develop their little personalities. I have one that I am sure has a learning disability as it takes him forever to find a nipple. Another that I am sure is going to be a little monster as she is jumping and climbing all over her siblings and a third that just likes to eat and sleep, must be a boy I am sure!!! and the last one is very chopsy and shouts at everything. Give it a few more weeks and I am sure they will all be charging around and causing mayhem. All kittens appear to have possible show potential but it is very early days.
Hadriel has given birth 11th August 2012
Hadriel my Siamese girl gave birth today in the afternoon, a convenient time for once. Mum and kittens all doing well so far. I will add photos soon.
All my Birman and Havana kittens are now booked and by the end of July i will be a kitten free zone. It is sad as I always enjoy having them but I know they are all going to lovely homes and will be really well care for, loved and spoilt as they deserve.
Birman kittens born in March and Havana Orientals born in April. Both Mums and babies and doing well.

General Update 4th September 2011.
Well the house is full of madness and kittens charging around. The oriental kittens are now 10 weeks old and 2 of them have homes lined up.

The Siamese boy is doing really well and although mixes with the other kittens does have a bit of single kitten syndrome going on as he isn't keen on sharing food.

The Birmans are now coming up to 6 weeks old. I have had a friend come in and take some photos so hope to have these on the website soon. The seal point girl is on hold as I have a lovely couple who are interested.

If you are interested in any of the kittens please feel free to either call or e mail me.
Birman Kittens have arrived
Tamnavulin gave birth on Monday the 25th of July. Mum and babies doing well. Further details will be added later
Piper Holly gives birth on the 26th June 2011
Piper gave birth in the early hours of Sunday the 26th June 2011. Both mum and babies are doing well.
Paiges Kittens 23rd January 2011
Well Xmas and the New Year have gone and the snow in December although was lovely also made everything such hard work but we now have some sunshine and clear weatherand at last and I can start catching up with everything.

Paige is currently back in call and doing my head in but her kittens are so lovely and adorable. They purr for England and love to climb all over me, jumping around and generally causing havoc. I do feel like a bit of a pin cushing though. I have now updated photos on the kittens page.
Paiges Kittens update 3rd January 2011
Paige has been a wonderful mum and despite a few problems she has coped very well. She is enjoying being a mum although has lost some condition. Kittens are growing and charging around and hopefully will develop into lovely cats. Pictures will be coming soon but what with Xmas and all the snow we have had I seem to have forgotten the time.
Paige gave birth to her first little with little drama and all seems well.
Pipers kittens make an impression on Face book 10th Septembe
Pipers little babies have been creating alot of interest on facebook. My sister tagged some of the photos and there has been many comments on how cute, sweet etc they are. At this rate they are going to end up with there own site.
Pipers Kittens 14th August 2010
Pipers kittens are now 7 days old and are doing really well. They are all growing at an amazing rate of knots and look like they will be good size kittens. Piper is a fabulous mum and is doing a great job for her first litter. She is soooo proud of her little babies and of course so am I.
Cardhus Kittens 14th August 2010
Three of Cardhus kittens have now gone to there new homes and there is only 2 boys left. This is likely to be the last Birman litter this year and don't anticipate having any more until the spring of next year.

These last two boys are both healthy, very loving and affectionate and looking for good pet homes.
General Kitten update 7th July 2010
All of Nolys kittens have now been reserved and will be going to new homes within the next couple of weeks. Except Caol Ila who will be staying with me.

Cardhus kittens are currently all available and doing really well. They all have beautiful out going personalities and can even be a bit cheeky. I had the smallest boy try and push me out of bed at 4 in the morning as he wanted food and they have also, with some help broken into my fridge twice and raided the chicken. Anyone would think that I starve them to death.
Cardhus Kittens. 24th June 2010.
These little kittens are now 7 weeks old and causing absolute havoc in the home. There is a very loving little boy amongst them who loves to cuddle on the sofa with me. All are very outgoing and friendly and are currently all available.
Nolys Kittens 18th June 2010
All of Nolys kittens are doing really well and will be going for their first set of jabs on Wednesday 23rd of June. I will also be getting them checked out by a very experienced breeder this Sunday to see if any are show quality. I will be advertising one of the girls this week with a view to find some forever loving homes. She will be available to go to her new home from 21st July 2010.
CARDHUs Kittens at 5 weeks old. 6th June 2010.
These little babies are coming along in leaps and bounds. They have just started coming downstairs in a pen to get used to all the normal house noises. This doesn't seem to bother them in anyway. Again with these when they are approximately 9 weeks old I will get them assessed to see whether they are show, breed or pet quality and then will advertise.

Nolys Kittens at 7 weeks old. 6th June 2010
All of Nolys kittens are doing well and now are getting well socialised within the home. My Sofa is the favorite sleeping place and my fingers are great to chew. The little boy is so confident he will chase and play with anything. The girls also are pretty confident and not alot worries them except the vacume. I hope to get them assessed in 2 weeks to see if any are show potential and then from there I will be advertising them for sale.

Nolys Kittens at 2 weeks old 3rd May 2010
Nolys kittens are all doing well and I think I have 2 boys and 1 girl but cannot be 100% sure yet, I also think that I have 2 tabby points and one Seal point boy.

Cardhu gives birth to 5 lovely Birman kittens 1st May 2010
Cardhu has given me a lovely litter of 5 on her last time breeding. The births went well and was all done a dusted within 3 hours but Cardhu was exceptionally tired at the end of this.

Cardhu is my eldest and first Birman and her ability and skills as a mother never cease to amaze me but I have decided that at the age of 6 this is her last litter and she will be retiring and earning a very well deserved rest from motherhood. I am so grateful to her breeder Gina Jones for letting me have such a fantastic and loving girl. Cardhu will be staying with me as she would make a great grandma.
Noly my Birman gave birth to 3 lovely kittens on the 19th of April. Being a typical Birman she was smack on time but did decide to take a jolly good time over giving birth, stopping frequenstly for snacks, drinks and of course a toilet break. Their were no complications or dramas during the birth as all seem fine so far. I will keep you posted as things progress and hope to put some photos on the website soon.
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