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It is that time of year again when I will be having little kittens running around the house. With this comes the kitten enquiries from potential new owners. Most enquiries are either from friends, a phone call with a long chat or an informative e mail. But last year I recieved several enquiries via TEXT message. One in particular after further contact with the individual did raise many concerns.

This in itself has made me think about the amount of effort that a buyer puts into their kitten enquiries. As my Sister put so well - when you buy a car you will go and look around, you check how much it will cost to run, cost of tax, insurance etc for something that you use an average of twice a day and is basically a lumb of metal. So this begs the question - Would you send a TEXT message to a car dealer asking if they have a particular style car for Sale? I THINK NOT !!!! So why should myself as a Cat Breeder consider responding to a TEXT message for kitten enquiries, a living breathing animal that will potentially be with their new owner for hopefully 15+yrs - Again, I THINK NOT!!!

These people sending TEXT enquiries may well be genuine but we do hear the horror stories of people buying large numbers of cats for commercial breeding or breeders that have had all their cats stolen. If someone is just using a mobile and text there is no possibility of tracing them. All the person would need is a friendly chat about what kittens you have, how many cats you own, what breed etc and arrange a visit so they get your address - you are now potentially at risk!!

To date all of my kittens have gone to fantastic homes and often have contact from the new owners. But this is a good reminder to me to remain wary.

We all love our Cats and want them to go to the very best homes. So I have put this on my website to remind us all to make every effort in ensuring our beautiful babies go to the best of homes where they will be looked after and loved as we would expect.

Behaviour Management using Citronella Oil
My little lovely felines since being in-door cats have developed a few extra behaviour issues, one in particular is the neuter boys spraying up my front door in response to the entire local skanky toms spraying the other side of my front door.

As you can imagine I was not impressed. After speaking to a fellow breeder friend, she told me about using citronella oil and that it will deter the cats from a particular area. She was at the time using some oil put on a cloth in front of her TV to stop her cats climbing up the TV. She had said that she had used this for some time for various different reasons and had found it to be very effective.

With this knowledge off I went and purchased some citronella. I have used it on a cloth behind the front door and various other key areas that my cats will spray and dosed the front door area outside. Since I have used the citronella (1 week) I have not had any spraying and haven't seen any Toms loitering, which is great as I have had 3 cats in call and no smelly Toms at my front door to stress my other cats out.

I would recommend trying this if you want to reduce unwanted behaviours such as spraying, clawing furniture etc.
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